Christian Berendt & Max Böttcher

Christian Berendt & Max Böttcher

CEO / Product Owner

Christian Berendt

23 Technologies

Christian has been involved with open source software for many years, specifically OpenStack and open infrastructure in general. He has also been working on sustainable IT infrastructure for some years now as part of his research and development work, as well as running a cloud in a sustainable data centre located in Germany.

Max Böttcher

Cloud&Heat Technologies

Max Böttcher is a presales engineer for Cloud&Heat Technologies, a sustainable Cloud Infrastructure provider from Dresden, Germany. After completing his studies in at the Technical University of Dresden in 2018, he worked as a software engineer to develop AI pipelines and to improve the application delivery in different scenarios. In 2021 he joined Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH to support the customers in utilizing a sustainable and open-source based infrastructure. Max is interested in reducing the carbon footprint of software by utilizing holistic solutions from on-prem infrastructure up to the cloud.