David Kohnstamm

David Kohnstamm

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer

David is the co-founder, resident thermodynamics expert, and Chief Sustainability Officer at Leafcloud, where his expertise in servers and thermal dynamics plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s vision and the design of Leaf sites.

His work focuses on transforming server heat into a reusable resource, leveraging his background as an engineer with a passion for building and innovation. David’s journey into the tech world began in engineering, building solar boats and electric bikes. He then transitioned to energy management, arriving at the intersection of IT hardware and thermal management through trialing various immersion cooling solutions.

Captivated by the potential of reusing server heat on a large scale, he co-founded Leafcloud in 2019 to bring this vision to life. David’s innovative approach and dedication to sustainability have not only propelled Leafcloud forward but also made him a sought-after speaker at industry events worldwide.

His insights and the company’s groundbreaking work have been featured in the documentary “Clouded II: Does Cloud Cost the Earth?”, highlighting the environmental impacts of cloud computing. Outside of his professional endeavors, David is an avid cycle-smith, a proud father of two, and enjoys board games.