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Company affiliation: Siemens AG
Time: 26.04.2024 10:30
Room: Track 1

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Sustainability is a key part of our strategy at Siemens. Currently there are many activities within Siemens, many of them on the hardware and supply chain side. Since Software is an essential part of our Digitalization solutions and offerings, we also need tp contribute to our sustainability vision from a Software Engineering point of view as well. Green principles for Software Engineering are essential to establish Sustainability as a core built-in quality within our digitalization solutions and our Software Engineering organization.

In this presentation, we introduce the Sustainable Software Engineering Framework which is a general approach for assessing resource consumption of software and, consequently, recommending improvement measures at Siemens. The framework exploits the levers for improving software sustainability such as architecture, data, hardware resources and energy sources. In order to create transparency on the footprint of software products, the framework provides different methods for measuring or estimating the energy consumption of software products from using power meters up to model-based estimation of power needs.


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