Talk Infos

Speaker: Arne Tarara
Company affiliation: Green Coding Solutions GmbH
Time: 25.04.2024 14:30
Room: Track 2

Talk Details

In this talk you will hear details about particular energy saving techniques that apply to modern cloud and on prem-software.

Techniques looked at in this talk include:

  • Identifying which key areas to look at first in containerized applications (Build / Cold-Boot / Runtime / Network)
  • Profiling of energy hotspots in containerized applications
  • Implications of different power settings in modern CPU architectures not only on energy, but also on carbon emissions of software products
  • Easily identifying carbon savings through underutilization of resources in evolving codebases / CI-CD integrated
  • Comparing CO2 savings of architecture changes
  • Low hanging fruits / quick wins for cabon optimizations

The techniques will be looked with concrete examples of public open source projects to reproduce / replay the cases.


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