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Company affiliation: QAware GmbH
Time: 26.04.2024 09:00
Room: Track 1

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Microservices are the currently dominating pattern in cloud applications. With the advancing digitalization, it is fair to assume that the share of microservices in the ecological footprint will further increase. Hence, this class of applications pose a significant potential for improvements when it comes to making the cloud more sustainable. It is claimed that the choice of the programming language and framework matters for energy efficiency, yet benchmarks typically omit the case of common microservice tasks. We demonstrate a microservice benchmark to compare widely used programming languages and frameworks with respect to their energy efficiency. We apply different tools such as the Green Metrics Tool and Kepler to measure the energy consumption of each setup and at the same evaluate how applicable, usable and comprehensible these tools are. Our goal is to give advice towards which approach to implementing microservices has the greatest benefit for sustainability and to provide insights into how to measure such improvements. Come and join us on our journey towards green microservices.


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