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Company affiliation: Leafcloud
Time: 26.04.2024 09:00
Room: Track 2

Talk Details

We’ll look at the actual footprint of a GPU for a year with back-of-the-envelope math and show how easy it is to break down the tools from the big 3 (AWS/Azure/GCP) in simple terms that they tend to hide.

Discuss the fundamental flaws at the heart of the data center model and look at ways to improve it. And look at the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and how they apply to data center residual heat, cloud, and AI. Finally, we’ll look at how we put these pieces together to create a new way of providing the infrastructure needed to run the cloud.

In other words: Cloud & AI sustainability sans the bullshit.

As seen in the groundbreaking documentary: Clouded II Does Cloud Co$t the Earth?


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